More Than a Conqueror

More Than a Conqueror
I am my Beloved's, and my Beloved is mine

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Prophecy & Power Jolts

There are certain things that I desire in my walk with God.  I want to hear His beautiful voice.  I want to experience His presence.  I want the gifts of the spirit, especially a prophetic and discerning gifting.  As Paul says in I Corinthians 14:1, "Follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy."

This may sound silly, but I have always wanted to fall backwards in the Spirit.  To be so totally overcome by the Spirit of God, that I fall out with His presence.  So, I have been doing what any good daughter does when she wants something from a generous Abba... I have been asking.  And God just keeps increasing my faith in the things I've never seen.

A few days ago, we were praying for a young 17 year old man named Pergith.  He lives in Cyprus but his family are immigrants from Asia.  Gateways likes to pray and prophecy over people who have joined our community for a short stay before sending them out.  I have prayed over people before, but on this day, God gave me a clear word for Pergith.
 I had been reading in I Samuel, about when Samuel received the call of the Lord.  I had always just thought he was asleep in his bed.  But he was in the presence of God, waiting in His temple.
But I Samuel 3:3-4 says, "The lamp of God had not yet gone out, and Samuel was lying down in the temple of the LORD, where the ark of God was. Then the LORD called Samuel. Samuel answered, 'Here I am.'" 
I read this over Pergith, then my leaders told me to prophecy over him.  So I did, and I felt the power of God come over me so strongly.  He fell over in the spirit, but I kept speaking what the Lord put on the my heart for this young man.   
Then my leader put his hand on me and blessed daughters who prophecy.  Right then, I flew backward.  The power of God pushed me over.  A group of women prayed and prophecied over me.  It was amazing!

God hears our requests.  He's waiting to answer our heart's cry.  Just keep believing in Him.  He wants to give us good gifts.

ps.  See the below post to read my Pre-Israel newsletter

pps.  I will be in Israel starting this Sunday, so this will be my last post until I return in a month.

My Pre-Israel Newsletter

My beloved friends and family,
                All I could think about were my new black and pink sneakers.  I hated the idea of ruining them, and getting wet socks to boot... yes, that is exactly how I felt when my friend, Marissa and I were taking a walk.  The sun was brilliant and leafless vineyards dotted the landscape on this warm winter day.  Rain is a precious gift in the Middle East, and thankfully Cyprus has had an abundance this year.  But unfortunately for Marissa and my walk, this meant avoiding puddles which dotted our path.  Finally we came to a puddle which could not be avoided.  It covered the entire way, and seemed about ankle deep.  Looking at the puddle, I thought of the sneakers.  But without waiting to see what Marissa would do, I plowed ahead to the path I thought best.  The grass on the edges of the puddle was high, no trace of water.  But as soon as I stepped on it, my foot sank ankle deep in mud.  I took another step, pulling my first foot out, only to get my second foot muddy as well.  I hopped back onto the path just in time to see Marissa make her way easily across the puddle that had initially seemed so deep.  Only the soles of her feet were wet.
                Our lives in Messiah are a journey; otherwise He would not have called Himself “The Way.”  I know God is calling me into ministry, yet on this path that He has called me to walk, I often stumble.  This is the not the first time I’ve stepped into mud trying to do things my own way.  There is still a place of fierce independence in my heart that tries to do things its own way.  But I know that this is why God has me attending Gateways Beyond training school.  I am surrounded my men and women of God who follow faithfully after Him.  Day after day, they turn their eyes upwards and say “Not my will, but yours be done.”  These are the people who allow God to shine through their ministries.  And it is these people God is allowing me to follow and imitate.
                Hebrews 13:7
“Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God.  Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith.
As I glean lessons from all the teachers I have the privilege to interact with, I know that God is preparing me.  I thank God for breaking my pride in my own abilities.  In just a few short weeks, He has already done so much to change my heart and renew my mind.  Without Him, there is no ministry.  Love of Him is the driving force of my life.  On March 6, we will be in Israel.  I know that everything that has been poured into me will be used to pour into the Jewish people.  I long to see revival in the Land of Israel, and I know that it is coming soon.  Please join me in prayer that His love will shine on them through our group in our month of ministry there.
Thank you so much for your support during this season of my life.  Your financial gifts and prayers have made this possible.  I look forward to writing you all when I return from Israel.  And I’m sure I will have amazing testimonies of His Grace and Power.

In the Loving Arms of Her Yeshua,
Bekah Mulford 

P.S.  Our month in Israel will be one of the highlights of my time with Gateways Beyond training school.  Please pray that the Lord opens doors of opportunity for us, and that we’re able to touch His Land with His Love.  Praise God, I have all my funds for Israel (not yet all for our end of year outreach).  But some of our group are still lacking support, so if you feel lead please go to, designating the funds to GTS II Israel Trip.